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Surfing has long been described as the ultimate experience. Since it's first days as an elite sport for the Polynesean royalty, it has come to be the most sought after extreme sport, one that has anyone who has ever tried it hooked from the first moment. The flow of the ocean, the close contact with Nature at it´s closest to the source, the healthy lifestyle, all ingredients that have many´s hearts pounding upon hearing of a new swell arriving.

At the Flow House, Surf lessons are provided, upon request. Our associates are a licensed business and have several years of experience in teaching surfers of all levels of skill, the instructors are certified by the Portuguese Surfing Association and Turismo de Portugal Institute.

Please contact for information about our Surf and accommodation packages.

Applications Applications [email protected]
Or by phone.

Contacts Contact +351 917 405 735
+351 282 044 451

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More Info Coming Soon. In The Meantime, Contact Us For Details.

High season 15th of June to 15th of September

Low season 1st of April to 14th of June
16th of September to 15th of November


Group and private lessons .....

Surf Beginner Course

Our Team of friendly and experienced surf instructors (all certified by BSA or FPS) will introduce you to surfing. At the Algarve we can choose of lots of different beaches and surf spots to pick the apropriate depending on the conditions and skill level. At the beginning of the surf course you will learn the basics about waves, currents, tides and equipment, how to paddle and handle the surfboard in the water without risking your and the others surfers health. We usually get everybody up on the surfboard on the first day and with the first takeoff you start into a new watersport passion. The beginners use foam surf boards for safety and full length wet suits to stay warm and confortable.


Surf Advanced Course

If you have already some surfing experience we offer coaching to reach your personal goals. If you want to ride on the shoulder of the wave, do bottom and top turns, duckdiving or ride more vertical, our coaches will be happy to paddle out with you and help you to bring your surfing to the next level. We offer boards from NSP and Bic in different sizes depending on your level and weight.


The surf course includes:

¤ surfboard (hard or soft top)

¤ wetsuit

¤ 3h surf-lesson per day by certivied instructors

¤ free use of the equipment after the lessons

¤ pick-up and drop-off at the surf camp in Lagos

¤ beach picnic

Surf Low Season (April-June, October)

1-day surf course 50€
2-day surf course 100€
3-day surf course 145€
4-day surf course 180€
week surf course (5 days) 200€


Surf High Season (July-September)

1-day surf course 55€
2-day surf course 110€
3-day surf course 150€
4-day surf course 200€
week surf course (5 days) 220€


Kite school Kite School Lagos


Our kite school spot is a big lagoon very close to Lagos. Depending on the tides the water is between knee and shoulder deep making it easy to learn the basics of kiteboarding. The “Nortada” the Portuguese north wind gets accelerated by the surrounding landscape which allows wind speed up to 20 knots while other parts of the Algarve are calm. This is the reason the PKRA (the Kiteboarding Pro Tour) stops here once per year. We take our clients by boat to an island in the middle of the lagoon. This place offers steady wind and lots of room for maximum safety and perfect learning conditions. Beginners to pros love the flat, warm water around the island.

Kiteboarding Lessons

Our students and camp participants are coached by multilingual, certified and well-trained IKO and VDWS-Instructors. Our unique, up-to-date teaching methods are supported by waterproof walkie-talkies, boat assistance and teaching with video camera. Naturaly modern kiteboarding equipment from our partners: Cabrinha, Best kiteboarding and pro-limit is included for the duration of the course. Our students are taught in small groups never bigger than 4 students per teacher for 3h per day. At the end of the theoretic and practical part of the course we offer a certification by IKO or VDWS-Standard allowing to rent equipment at kite stations world wide. For advanced kiteboarders with own equipment we offer a rescue and shuttle service on the kite lagoon.


Trial (landbased) 49€
Day Course 120€
2-Day Course 200€
3 Day Course 280€
4 Day Course 350€
Week-Course 400€