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Making use of the hostel/guesthouse´s large open spaces, this is where you will get the chance to connect with the other guests. Having breakfast together in the morning, sharing the large, fully equipped kitchen to cook dinner and sharing the day´s individual experiences, playing a game of pool or ping pong, or enjoying the warm nights outside in the garden while telling each other traveler´s tales, you will have the communal experience you were looking for.

At the guests disposal is a fully equipped kitchen, including dishwasher, oven and fridge, at your service, where one can prepare complete meals, an open space TV room equipped with cable TV and DVD player to watch the most recent surf films or use the Playstation for games, a public computer with Broadband access to the Internet, a pool and ping pong table for the more competitive urges, and a garden area to chill over a beer after a long, "hard" day at the beach.

Nothing is overlooked at the Flow House as far as your comfort goes.